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Mikhail Iossel w/ Matthew Zapruder - Notes from Cyberground


EAST BAY BOOKSELLERS welcomes Mikhail Iossel to discuss his new new book Notes From Cyberground: Trumpland and My Old Soviet Feeling, on Tuesday, February 26th at 7pm. He will be in conversation with Matthew Zapruder.

America under Donald Trump. Russia under Vladimir Putin. Many have ridiculed them. None have done so with such scathing wit as Mikhail Iossel. From a youth spent in the USSR to a life remade in the USA, Iossel shares the brunt of this experience on Facebook, where thousands follow his blistering posts on Trump's America and Putin's Russia, and his lyrical, eerily timely reflections on life under totalitarianism. Notes from Cyberground brings together a choice selection of Iossel's aphorisms, ranging from a few words to a few hundred words. Each chapter covers a month from Election Day 2016 to October 2018. Even when comical, this gem of a book is dead serious. It will bring solace to anyone who feels distressed by today's surreal politics.

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