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SFBW 2019: The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Ever wonder why you like one beer more than another? Ever think that a beer was just “off”? Well, let us help you have a better sense of it with a little off flavor beer training. We will be tainting some beer to help educate you on what it is you are tasting and why. Buttered popcorn, wet cardboard, apple cider vinegar and so many more things you should never taste in beer come learn how to identify them and why they occur.

Then wash your pallet clean with a delicious untainted Sierra Nevada and enjoy munching on malt and doing a hop rub to really understand all that goes into making your pint. We will have a breakdown of the ingredients of some of your favorite Sierra Nevada beers. It is an amazing way to pin point a certain flavor to help clarify why you like a certain beer more than another. Learn while drinking at San Francisco Beer Week. Come on in and learn about the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of drinking beer!!

The Golden Squirrel
5940 College Ave, Oakland, California 94618
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