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The Diesel Readers Book Group - Stay With Me

East Bay Booksellers invites you to The Diesel Readers Book Group's discussion of The Overstory by Richard Powers, on Monday July 22nd at 7pm.


Brad Says: The short version of my recomendation is this: it's the novelization of The Hidden Life of Trees. But even that doesn't quite do it justice. Powers' book is profound in its understanding of the science of (and the communication between) trees, but also in its appreciation of the links between the human and non-human. His most beautiful sentences are also the most devestating, and he uses these links to explore the idea that while death is certainly an end, it is not necessarily the one we imagine. Look to the trees, and we'll see that time is never quite done with us. In this vein, a character elaborates late in the novel, "What you make from a tree should be at least as miraculous as what you cut down." Plainly put: The Overstory is perhaps as close to such a miracle as we currently deserve.

 ** The Diesel Readers is an ongoing group, and is open to all. **

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